Rachel Cassidy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Rachel Cassidy is a sophomore at Ohio University who is being harassed on the Internet because people think she made false rape charges after the school’s homecoming last Saturday.

Vance Blanc, another OU student, was crucified by the Daily Mail for tweeting pictures of a girl’s alleged sexual assault. There was also a video of the incident, showing what appeared to be a consensual act of oral sex, performed in public.

Regardless of your opinion on the rape charge, Rachel wasn’t even the woman involved. She’s just a victim of harassment and mistaken identity.

Here are five fast facts about Rachel Cassidy and her relation to this incident.

1. Rachel Was ‘100 Percent’ NOT the Person Involved in the Incident

Rachel says that she was “nowhere near” where the incident occurred Saturday night. OU President Roderick McDavis, in a statement from last week, said university officials were supporting her.

In light of her mistaken identity, her contact information, including email address and phone number, have been removed from the OU’s public records. She also was excused from classes Thursday and Friday.

The Daily Mail called Vance "a heartless bro," but the reality is that Vance was much more likely tweeting a picture of graphic PDA.

The Daily Mail called Vance “Heartless,” but the reality is that Vance was much more likely tweeting a picture of graphic PDA. Based on varying reports, we suspected Vance at least thought he was NOT witnessing sexual assualt.

2. Video of the Incident Has Been Released

World Star Uncut released a copy of the video. During the period captured by the video, the sex act appears consensual, with the female smiling and not struggling.

Watch the graphic video at World Star Uncut

Watch the graphic video at World Star Uncut.

3. The Rape Accuser Remains Anonymous

The university and Athens police not released the name of the student who filed the rape complaint with the Athens Police Department. The video, linked to above, circulated via Instagram, initially was seen by many peers. Many pointed out in Vance Blanc-related articles that the video appeared to show consensual, or at least ambiguous, sexual behavior.

Several students falsely identified the girl in the video and photos as Cassidy and viciously attacked her through social media.

vance blanc defense

4. Rachel’s Parents Are Devastated

The parents were flabbergasted and upset that this happened to their daughter. They were intending to make the nine-hour journey to Ohio University from Long Island this weekend. Theresa, her mother, said, “That’s our name, that’s her name, and she’s going to have to live with that for the rest of her life.”

It remains unknown who circulated the information that Rachel Cassidy was the alleged false rape accuser, but with the power of social media, it wouldn’t take much but a small persuasive rumor to catch fire — and lead to a witch hunt that may haunt her for a lifetime.

Her father says he keeps asking himself how this could happen. He said, “The venom is horrific.” Lending some insight into why she is being accused he said, “[Rachel] has long curly hair and may look a little bit like the victim.”

5. A Men’s Activist Site Titled ‘CrimesAgainstFathers.com’ Is Fueling the Witch Hunt

Googling Rachel’s name reveals the following forum page on a website called Crimes Against Fathers.

The website has published all of Rachel’s information including links to her social media profiles and her address. The men are assuming that Rachel was the victim based on pathetically flimsy evidence, but what do you expect from men’s rights activists?

CONTACT US If you have hard evidence that Rachel Cassidy IS the girl in the video, or else if you know the name of the girl in the video and it isn’t Rachel, please email all such information to peter@peternolan.com. We will keep your name anonymous and private.

Bizarrely, they solicit information as if they’re not sure, then proceed to publish an inordinate amount of information about the girl. They then post a picture of the alleged rape victim along with pictures of Rachel, where the opposite conclusion is apparent: Rachel has BLATANTLY different facial structure than the alleged falsely accusatory girl.

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