Reddit User: Silk Road Drug Customers Are No Longer Safe From FBI

silk road arrest

Via The Guardian.

Late Thursday night, a person using a “throw away” Reddit account posted under Reddit’s Silk Road subreddit that the FBI had arrested him for buying narcotics on the now-defunct Silk Road website.

Silk Road was a secretive online market place that trafficked a number of illicit goods and services, most notoriously drugs. The website, operational for years, was deemed very safe and anonymous because costumers utilized the online currency bitcoin and Tor, an online tool to ensure anonymity. But, earlier this month, the FBI arrested Silk Road founder Ross William Ulbricht and the whole market place became compromised.

silk road reddit

How far the FBI was willing to prosecute users and vendors was unsure, until now. The user claimed, in the post that you can read above, that although he was always cautious in his purchases, the FBI, “busted a vendor I bought from apparently and that individual kept the post-decryption plaintext.”

There is no way to know exactly which vendors have been compromised and which vendors retained un-encrypted transaction information. So, for now, it might be wise of former costumers of Silk Road to retain a lawyer.