3 Dead in Houston Suburb Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Torrey Pines Shooting, North Houston Shooting 2013, Torrey Forest Drive Shooting.

(NBC Houston)

Three men have been killed in an early morning shooting north of Houston, Texas, reports ABC Houston. The bodies of the dead people were found scattered around a quiet northern Houston suburb amidst guns and drugs.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cops Arrived on the Scene to Find Three Dead Bodies

Three bodies were found at the scene on Torrey Forest Drive by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department. One body was found in nearby park, close to a playground, and another two were found in a car nearby. Guns and marijuana were found around the scene. The car is a white Ford Mustang.

2. Gunfire Broke Out in the Neighborhood at 10 a.m.

Police got the call after gunfire erupted at around 10 a.m. local time. John Donnelly from Fox Houston says: “The car jumped the curb and crashed into a house.”

The Houston Chronicle have reported that the car had bullet holes.

3. The Neighborhood Has Seen a Surge in Crime Recently

Click2Houston reports that the area has been plagued by robberies recently. Local resident, Anthony Sidney, told NBC Houston that there should be surveillance video of the incident.

The Houston Chronicle reports that speeding is the most common crime in the area.

4. The Sheriff’s Department Have Not Said if They Are Searching For a Suspect

Torrey Pines Shooting, North Houston Shooting 2013, Torrey Forest Drive Shooting.


Police have not said if there is an active threat in the area.

5. The Neighborhood is About 20 Miles North of Houston

The area where the shooting occurred is about 20 miles northwest of Houston, Texas. The shooting happened here, close to the intersection of Torrey Forest Drive and Briarchase Drive: