VIDEO: Violent Baseball Fan Tasered After Police Fight at Oakland-Detroit Game

VideoVideo related to video: violent baseball fan tasered after police fight at oakland-detroit game2013-10-07T15:50:03-04:00

At the Oakland A’s vs Detroit Tigers game, a baseball fan, upset about his wife’s ejection, became violent and attacked police who shot him with a stun gun.

According to twitter user Bleacherdave, the fan was initially upset because his wife was ejected after beating on the dugout.

Dave posted the following picture allegedly of the fan’s wife:

This video was also posted to reddit with almost 1000 upvotes at the time of posting. Redditors expressed confusion at how such an experienced, older person could engage in the dumbest kind of violence of all time: violence against a cop. You know, the kind that puts one behind bars for a long time.

Let’s just hope this baseball fan wises up next time and gets off with a reasonable sentence. It does seem as if he was provoked to violence, even though that doesn’t justify his behavior.’s Popular Social Posts
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