Vivian Vosburg, Guadalupe Shaw’s Stepmother: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The stepmother of Guadaloupe Shaw, the teen charged with bullying in the suicide of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, has been arrested on child abuse charges.

The mother’s arrest stems from a video that emerged on Facebook that purports to show Shaw’s mother, Vivian Vosburg, beating a child she was supposed to be caring for, according to the Polk County Sheriff.

Earlier this week, Vosburg’s daughter, Guadalupe Shaw, 14, was named by the Polk County Sheriff’s department as being one of the girls who bullied Rebecca Sedwick, 12, to the point of suicide. Katelyn Roman, 12, was also named as one of the alleged bullies.

Polk County Sheriff, Grady Jones, tellingly told the media today:

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Charges Are Not Related to the Rebecca Sedwick Case

Vivian Vosburg

(Polk County Sheriff)

Vosburg is facing two counts of child abuse with bodily harm and four counts of child neglect. The charges are unrelated to the allegations against her daughter. Guadalupe Shaw admitted on October 14 to bullying Sedwick and that she didn’t care that she had committed suicide.

2. An Anonymous Person Dropped the Video on Facebook

Vivian Vosburg Guadalupe Shaw Katelyn Roman Bully Florida Polk County Suicide Facebook.


The Polk County Sheriff’s department said that they were alerted to the video on the morning of October 17. Sheriff Grady Judd told reporters:

It is clear, not only has Vosburg demonstrated she cannot control the behavior of children she has access to without using violence, but she is obviously not monitoring the social media sites of children she has access to either.

3. Vosburg Told Police She Was Breaking Up a Fight

Dring an interview with authorities on October 17, Vosburg said the video showed her breaking up a fight amongst a group of children. The video shows her punching one child in the face, then punching another in the back of the head and between his shoulders. When one of the kids fell to the floor, out of the shot, and she continued to pummel the other child. According to the official release, Vosburg told authorities she knew she shouldn’t have hit the kids.

4. Vosburg Has Been on a National Crusade to Clear Her Daughter’s Name

Rebecca Sedwick suicide, Polk County teen suicide bullying, Katelyn Romam Guadalupe Shaw Suicide, Katelyn Roman Guadalupe Shaw Rebecca Sedwick.

(Polk County Sheriff)

Vosburg has told anyone who will listen that she believes her daughter’s Facebook page was hacked. She said that her daughter is a “lovable,” “caring” girl. Vosburgtold ABC News: “I would check her Facebook every time she would get on it.”

Her father said: “If we saw something that was not right, we would’ve addressed it and it would’ve ended right then.”

The mom also said that she checked her daughter’s cellphone regularly.

The controversial decision for Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd to release the identity of their daughter infuriated Vivian Vosburg and her husband. In an interview on Good Morning America, Guadalupe Shaw’s father said, “My daughter doesn’t deserve to be in the place she’s in right now and I just hope that the truth comes to the surface so we can get out of this nightmare.”

5. Vosburg’s Facebook Page Offers Little Insight

Vivian Vosburg Guadalupe Shaw Katelyn Roman Bully Florida Polk County Suicide Facebook.


A Facebook page we found that appears to belong to Vosburg, doesn’t offer to much insight into her life. It states that she works at home, she has been married since 2006. Her profile image shows her husband, Jose, with whom she appeared on CNN with October 17.

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