Batkid, Miles Scott: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Batkid, Miles Scott Leukemia Make-a-Wish foundation  San Francisco Gotham City.

(Make-A-Wish Foundation)

November 15 will never be forgotten by 5-year-old Miles Scott. The Make-A-Wish foundation organized for San Francisco to be turned into Gotham City in Scott’s honor, reports CBS San Francisco. Not only that, but Scott was also entrusted with the city’s safety as he took on the role of Batkid!

Here’s what you need to know about the little caped crusader:

1. Scott Got to Live November 15 as a Superhero

Batkid, Miles Scott Leukemia Make-a-Wish foundation  San Francisco Gotham City.


Scott began the day in training as he was showed some life-saving techniques. He then took advantage of his new skills when he rescued a woman from the tracks of a cable car. After a quick lunch at a burger bar it was back to work when he helped the Chief of San Francisco’s police force to help the cops catch super villains The Penguin and The Riddler (even The Joker won’t mess with Miles).

One helpful citizen even donated a black Lamborghini that was turned into a bat mobile. Patricia Wilson, of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Bay Area told SF Gate, simply: “He wanted to be Batman.”

2. It Took 12,000 Volunteers to Make the Day Possible

Batkid, Miles Scott Leukemia Make-a-Wish foundation  San Francisco Gotham City.


The day finished with Scott receiving the key to the city from the mayor of San Francisco. The whole day was made possible thanks to thousands of volunteers. Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters that due to the massive response, volunteers had to be turned away.

3. This Marks the Beginning of the End of Scott’s Battle With Leukemia

Batkid, Miles Scott Leukemia Make-a-Wish foundation  San Francisco Gotham City.


Scott has battled Leukemia for three years. The celebrations today marks his remission, his mother, Natalie says:

This wish has meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son’s body. This wish has become kind of a family reunion and is our celebration of his treatment completion.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Scott has suffered with acute lymphoblastic leukemia since he was 20 months old. His cancer has been in remission since June.

The family are from Tulelake in northern California.

4. The Event Was Fueled by Social Media

Scott’s day has led to some seriously emotional Twitter:

And even President Barack Obama reached out to thank Batkid:

5. It Was a Memorable Day for the Whole Family

Even his brother, Ryan, go to be a superhero:


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Guillermo f santiago

This is the sweetest thing I ever seen..this boy had a wish come true that made a whole city cheer with joy..I cannot express the emotion it fills me with,the city came together and cheered this hero on..this young hero has made a miracle with a wish of his own..and I got to watch a dream I had as a child and still now to be a super hero..the people who came together and the help makes me happy to even live in the same century as them..even the young boy who gave him the costume is a many heros did one wish make is the real question..keep up the amazing work

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