David Kyem, CCSU Lockdown Suspect: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


David Kyem has been named as the suspect arrested at the conclusion of a tense lockdown today at Central Connecticut State University, where witnesses reported seeing a “gunman” in a bulletproof vest, wielding a sword.

Shortly after the arrests of three males, the photos above emerged on Twitter, with people comparing the photo on the left with the one on the right, which shows the personal trainer tied to this Instagram account of personal trainer “David King”.

While both shirts are orange, upon closer inspection they are different shirts.

However, this reporter confirms they are the same man:

Here’s what we know so far about David Kyem.

1. He’s The Son of a Professor at the School

CCSU lockdown

Kyem’s father, Dr. Peter Kyem, is a geography professor at CCSU. According to his profile on the school website:

Born in Bibiani, in the western region of Ghana, West Africa, he was orphaned by age 11 and recalls with fervor, “I survived because community members reached out. The extended family is the way culture operates in Ghana. There were several ‘parents.’ Having grown up in a community where everyone was the brother’s keeper, I have firsthand experience of living in an environment where community spirit contributes to everyone’s benefit. I try to instill a similar sense of community in my students by assigning group projects where students help each other learn.”

2. He May Have Just Been Wearing a Halloween Costume, Not a Paramilitary Getup

Peter Kyem gave a TV interview in which he said his son was coming just coming home from Halloween weekend and has never held a gun.

3. A David Kyem Played Football for Newington High

david kyem ccsu

Above is Kyem’s player profile on MaxPreps.com from his days as a running back at Newington High.

Newington borders New Britain, where CCSU is located.

This game story from a 2010 matchup shows Kyem scoring a first-quarter touchdown for Newington.

He also competed on the track team.

4. Three People Were Handcuffed

Police apprehended three people in a room on the fourth floor of James Hall — a 450-bed dormitory that was the center of police activity during the lockdown. Only one, Kyem, has been named.

5. It Was a Major Incident That Drew Tactical Officers From Surrounding Communities