Home Depot Apologizes Almost 80 Times on Twitter for Racist Tweet


Home Depot got into some hot water yesterday when they published a racist tweet (which you can see below) depicting three men, two African America, and one in a gorilla suit, drumming on buckets. The caption read, “Which drummer is not like the others?”

Since its release, the picture has been erased and dozens of apologies have been issued. The Home Depot Twitter account have tweeted cut-and-pasted apologies to almost 80 people who responded negatively to the tweet.

Home Depot’s apologies came in a few iterations, the first read:

Deeply sorry for the dumb Tweet. We deleted it.

Then, adding a little more formality to the apology, they began to tweet at angry followers:

We are deeply sorry for the dumb tweet and have deleted it.

Finally, their PR team must have woken up because Home Depot began to respond with the official apology:

We have zero tolerance for anything so stupid and offensive. Deeply Sorry. We terminated agency and individual who posted it.

home depot tweet

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