Tornadoes Terrorize the Midwest: The Videos You Need to See

Some 20 tornadoes touched down today in Illinois, where a powerful and unseasonable weather system carved a swath of destruction, devastating towns like Pekin and Washington.

Tornadoes also threatened Indiana and Kentucky.

Video footage of the fierce twisters and their aftermath is emerging. Watch the clips below.

We’ll update this post with additional footage as it becomes available.

‘Hail Mary, Full of Grace’

Voices Pray as Tornado Barrels Past Home in Washington, Illinois, Via Brandon Badner:

‘Oh My God, This Thing Is Huge’

Driving Couple Are Pelted by Hail Trying to ‘Get the Hell Out of the Way’ of Tornado Near Minooka, Illinois, Via Gazeteler:

‘We Need to Go Off Air’

Newscast About Tornadoes Is Interrupted by Tornado, via Brian Stelter:

‘Go, Travis!’

Family Flees Tornado in Washington, Illinois, Via 28storms:

‘It’s Right Over Your House!’

Via jrod12399:

The Aftermath in Gifford, Illinois, Via Live Storms Network:

The Aftermath in Pekin, Illinois, Via Ameren Illinois:

The Aftermath in Washington, Illinois, Via Mike Brady:

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