Car Crash at LAX Prompts Panic and Evacuation: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Terminal evacuated at LAXNewsChannel 5 at 112013-11-23T04:59:20.000Z

An evacuation is under way at LAX airport after a vicious car accident outside one of the airport’s terminals prompted panic and fears of an active shooter. It’s now been confirmed by the LAX police that no shots were fired, reports CBS Los Angeles. The accident occurred at around 8 p.m. local time on November 22.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Armed Police Entered the Terminal

An evacuation of the airport is under way. As a precaution, police with guns drawn searched the terminal. The accident happened at Terminal 5 in the airport. The shooting that occurred in the airport in October 2013, happened in Terminal 3.

Both Terminals 4 and 5 were evacuated by LAX police, reports ABC Los Angeles.

LAX Police Sgt. Ortiz confirmed to NBC Los Angeles that no shots had been fired.

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2. There Was a Serious Panic in the Airport

Tweets from inside the airport say people are running for cover:

Some planes were held on the ground while the panic gripped the airport.

KTLA reports that all passengers at the terminal will have to be re-screened.

3. The Cause of the Panic Was a Car Crash

KTLA have attributed the lockdown and panic to a loud car accident. The car is reported to have crashed in a stairwell at a parking lot outside of Terminal 5, TV shots show the car still wedged in the stairwell. The vehicle is a minivan of some description.

4. The Driver of the Car is Reported to be Injured

The extent of the injuries are not known. NBC Los Angeles reports ambulances being on scene, blocking the road leading up to Terminal 5.

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5. LAX is Still an Airport on the Edge

This panic comes just a month after Paul Ciancia shot and killed a TSA worker before wounding multiple other people.