WATCH: Brady Drops F-Bomb as Patriots Lose on Controversial Call

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So the Patriots lost 24-20 to the Panthers on Monday Night Football but what everyone is talking about is the controversial last play. During Tom Brady’s final throw, the Gronk appeared to be seriously impeded by the linebacker. So much so that a freakin’ flag was thrown on the field…but referee Clete Blakeman saw “no foul” in addition to not giving “no explanation.”

It’s a shame because the Panthers played a seriously good game and are justified in their victory but don’t expect Boston people to see it that way, in fact, expect them to see Clete Blakeman as a serious “chowdahead.”

And obviously Tom Brady was not too happy with the play, so he went and cussed out the ref:

Tom Brady mad at Clete Blakeman2013-11-19T04:54:23.000Z

Tom Brady folks, stayin’ classy.