In Dolphins’ Locker Room, ‘Martin Was Considered Less Black Than Incognito’

richie incognito is an honorary black man

Brace yourself for some serious irony.

Richie Incognito — the white Miami Dolphin embroiled in a racism scandal for allegedly bullying Jonathan Martin and calling him a “half-n***er” — is an “honorary black man” in the Dolphins’ locker room, where black players consider Martin to be “less black than Incognito.”

This according to a blog post from the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero, whose “multiple sources” brought him to this conclusion:

…in the Dolphins locker room, Richie Incognito was considered a black guy. He was accepted by the black players. He was an honorary black man. And Jonathan Martin, who is bi-racial, was not.

One player who recently left the Dolphins told the blogger:

Richie is honorary. I don’t expect you to understand because you’re not black. But being a black guy, being a brother is more than just about skin color. It’s about how you carry yourself. How you play. Where you come from. What you’ve experienced. A lot of things.

The bombshell blog post could turn the scandal on its head. Judge for yourself, how is Incognito using the N-word in the clip below (via TMZ) — as a racist or as a “black man”?

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