Apollo Theatre Collapse: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A balcony collapsed at the Apollo Theatre in London, at around 8pm local time. A livestream of the scene outside the theater can be viewed here:

Here’s what we know about this breaking story:

1. There Are Many Reported Injuries

According to the BBC, the 775 seat theater was packed.

According to the BBC, there over 81 walking injured, and 7 are seriously injured.

2. A Massive Rescue Operation Is Under Way

According to The Guardian, the audience left crying and coughing. Many attempted to make contact with family members still trapped inside. 8 fire engines are reportedly on scene:

The London Fire Brigade is reporting that all who were previously trapped are now free:

3. The Show Was Meant for Children and Families

The collapse occurred during a performance of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time,” based on a novel by Mark Haddon, which tells the story of an autistic boy who runs away from home to search for his mother, in the wake of his parents’ divorce.

4. At First the Audience Thought the Collapse Was a Part of the Show

Witnesses reported hearing a “creeking” sound, but thought it was part of the show. A 29-year-old audience member, identified only as Ben, told The Guardian:

“It was about halfway through the first half of the show and there was a lot of creaking. We thought it was part of the scene, it was a seaside scene, but then there was a lot of crashing noise and part of the roof caved in. There was dust everywhere, everybody’s covered in dust.”

5. The Theater Is More Than 100 Years Old

According to wikipedia, The Apollo first opened its doors on February 21, 1901. The theater is a Grade II listed building in the United Kingdom. Such buildings cannot be “demolished, extended, or altered without special permission from the local planning authority.”

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