WATCH: Bucks Center Larry Sanders in Epic Bar Brawl

Well there are bar brawls and there are bar brawls and this ladies and gentlemen, is an NBA All-Star bar brawl. Cops in Milawukee say the man who appears, dressed in white, is Bucks center Larry Sanders. They’ve even charged the hoops star with misdemeanor assault, reports The Journal Sentinel.

The fine for the misdemeanor will come to $551, something Sanders shouldn’t find it too difficult to pay, considering the $44 million contract he signed with the Bucks in August. From the team’s perspective it’s reported that Sanders suffered a torn thumb ligament in the melee which happened on November 3 and he hasn’t played since.

Despite his multi-million dollar contract, Sanders is fighting the charge and will be in court on January 21 to plead his case.

Good luck Larry, Hank would never do something like this.

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