WATCH: Terrifying Base Jump Goes Insanely Wrong

I know we sometimes say “don’t try this at home” and you kids go out and try it anyway and we all have a big laugh about it later. Seriously though, this time, don’t try this at home or at your nearest cliff.

This video, uploaded to the Vimeo account of Subterminallyill shows what happens when even the slightest thing goes wrong during a base jump. According to the uploader, the jumper’s injuries were as follows:

Compression Fracture of the T12 Vertebra, 5 stitches to the eye, 6 stitches to the chin, severely sprained Back, wrist and hand. multiple bruised areas.

Subterminallyill Vimeo Account Injuries Base Jump Gone Wrong Cliff Jump Gone Wrong GIF

After watching this insanely graphic detailing of the fall, I’m sure we all wish the jumper a speedy recovery.

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