‘I Want to Be With George’ — Zimmerman’s Girlfriend Wants Charges Dropped

george zimmerman girlfriend wants charges dropped


The girlfriend who frantically dialed 911 on November 18 and told police that George Zimmerman stuck a gun in her face has had a change of heart.

Samantha Scheibe now wants the charges dropped and says “I want to be with George.”

This according to a new court motion obtained by The Orlando Sentinel.

george zimmerman girlfriend says he did not point a gun at her

The motion alleges “It was the police, not Mr. Zimmerman, who intimidated her,” and the motion is supported by a written statement from Scheibe, signed and dated December 6, 2013. Read the motion and statement below.

Contrast Scheibe’s revised sentiments with her call to police on November 18, which you can hear below:

George Zimmerman Girlfriend's 911 Call 11-18-2013911 call by girlfriend of George Zimmerman on November 18, 2013. Related blog post, is.gd/RwVDiH2013-11-18T23:48:54.000Z

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