WATCH: Australia’s Mick Fanning is Surfing’s 2013 World Champion

MICK FANNING WINNING BARREL PIPEMASTERS! AMAZING!Check out this wave from surfer Mick Fanning right at the end of his heat at Pipeline, Hawaii. Incredible!2013-12-14T22:11:05.000Z

Mick Fanning has been crowned the 2013 Surfing World Champion after a stunning display at Hawaii’s Pipeline Master, reports The Australian Broadcasting Coroporation (ABC).

Here’s what you need to know:

1. It Was a Seriously Dramatic Victory

ABC says:

Fanning trailed fellow Australian Yadin Nicol 16.9 to 9.53 when he dropped in sharply on a wave with 90 seconds remaining.

He cut back hard and produced an almost perfect ride of 9.7 to secure the heat and his third ASP world championship.

2. Fanning Looked to be Out of the Competition

Fanning appeared to be out of the competition earlier, only scraping through the pre-final heat against CJ Hobgood.

3. He’s Won Three Times Before

Mick Fanning Pipeline Masters Hawaii Surfing World Champion 2013


This is the fourth world title for Fanning. That makes him equal to Australia’s legendary surfer Mark Richards in terms of World Championships won.

4. America’s Kelly Slater Came Close to Steal Glory

The championship appeared ready to be won by Kelly Slater until Fanning snatched the victory. Slater is an 11-time winner of the World Championship. The tournament had been billed as “Fanning v Slater.”

5. ‘It’s Good to be Mick’

Mick Fanning Pipeline Masters Hawaii Surfing World Champion 2013


Fanning is married to model Karissa Dalton.

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