Kenyan Senator Mike Sonko: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mike Sonko photoshop, Nelson Mandela

Kenyan senator Mike Sonko has been exposed for publishing a photoshopped picture of himself and the late Nelson Mandela to his personal Facebook page. The Independent was the first to report the story.

1. Sonko Posted Photo 1 Day After Mandela’s Death

Mike Sonko photoshop, Nelson Mandela

Sonko published the photo to his Facebook account on Friday, Dec. 6 – one day after Mandela’s death. As of Dec. 13, the post still remains on his profile page.

Under the caption it reads: “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

2. The Image Was Very Poorly Photoshopped

Many readers instantly knew the photo was doctored. Before long, the original image was uncovered and disseminated throughout the Internet. The photograph, seen above, shows Mandela embracing boxer Muhammad Ali. Sonko also changed the background of the image to appear as if it were taken at a tropical resort.

3. Sonko Became Nairobi Senator in 2013

Mike Sonko photoshop, Nelson Mandela, Kenya

Sonko became the First Senator of Nairobi by defeating Margaret Wanjiru in the Senatorial Election of 2013. Prior to that, Sonko served as a member of the Kenyan Parliament from 2010 to 2013.

He’s a member of The National Alliance (TNA), a right-wing political party founded in 2000.

4. He’s Known for His Hip-Hop Style of Dress

Mike Sonko photoshop, Nelson Mandela

Sonko is widely recognized for his hip-hop style of dress, which includes earrings and sunglasses. The novice lawmaker explained his wardrobe choices as a way of serving the younger generation.

I’m representing the youth in this house, Sonko said at parliament session in 2011.

5. He’s a Polarizing Figure

Sonko's Dressing Causes EyebrowsSince he shot into public limelight and eventually got elected as Makadara MP, Mike Mbuvi a.k.a Sonko, has never been shy of controversies. And on Tuesday, he stirred yet another controversy in Parliament when he sauntered into the chambers like a hip hop star, with Ear studs and stunners…and chewing gum to boot. Now to…2011-03-02T00:22:08.000Z

Sonko earned acclaim for sponsoring the poor and serving as a vehicle for youth empowerment in Kenya, the Independent reported. However, his lavish appearance and perceived frivolousness has generated many questions and concerns.

According to CNN, he was kicked out of parliament in March 2011 for wearing aviator sunglasses and stud earrings (check out the video above).

His ostentatious attire earned him the nickname Sonko – Swahili slang for “rich man.” His real name is Mbuvi Gidion Kioko.