‘Active Shooter’ Reported Near Dallas Elementary School

Police are searching for an active shooter near Pleasant Grove Elementary School in Dallas.

Here’s what we know so far, with most early info coming from DBCDFW.

pleasant grove shooting

(Screenshot via NBCDFW)

1. Cops Received Reports of Gunfire

pleasant grove shooting

Pleasant Grove Elementary School. (Google Street View)

Around 1:30 p.m. local time, police received calls that reported scattered gunfire coming from the vicinity of the Pleasant Grove Elementary School.

2. Police Are Still Searching for the Potential Gunman

There is still a search under way for a person who may have fired a gun on the 1600 Block of St. Augustine Drive, less than 100 yards from the school.

3. Live Footage Revealed a Heavy Police Presence

Live news-helicopter footage is showing several polices cars on-scene. No SWAT officers appear to be on-scene at this time.

4. Tomorrow is the Last Day of School

For the over 600 students at the school, tomorrow will be there last day before winter break.

5. The school was on lockdown.

The school houses pre-K through fifth grade, roughly 669 students, according to greatschools.org. The students have been released to their parents but police presence remains high.

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