WATCH: Cops Shoves Attack Dog Into Drunk Driver’s Car

A shocking video has gone viral that appears to show North Carolina cop, Stafford Blister, chasing down a drunk driver, ramming his car and then shoving his police dog in through the driver’s window. This as the man had clearly surrendered as the cops moved in on him, reports WECT.

Blister will reportedly face no charges in the case, even though the drunk driver, Johnnie Williams, was bitten by the dog. Blister’s attorney, J. Michael McGuinness, told the court:

The fear that I have from the general public seeing a clip of the very end of this is that you don’t get the history of the true Johnnie Williams. The true Johnnie Williams was an absolute terrorist on the streets that night…Yes, I understand Mr. Williams got a dog bite, but he’s lucky he didn’t have his brains blown out.

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