High School Girl Reports Rape, Gets Kicked Out of School

Rachel Bradshaw-Bean was reportedly kicked out of East Henderson High School in Texas for “public lewdness” after reporting her rape to the school’s band director three years ago. Here’s what you should know about Rachel and her story.

1. Rachel Was Sent to a Special Disciplinary School for 45 Days After Reporting Her Assault


Rachel, then age 17, met a friend in the band room at Henderson High School in Tomball, Texas. He had said that he wanted to talk to Rachel. Security footage captured Rachel willingly entering the room, a fact that would later be used against her.

Once the two were behind the closed door, he became violent and raped her, in spite of pleas for him to stop.

Rachel was traumatized by the event, saying, “I was crying. I pulled my pants up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.”

According to The Daily Mail, officials saw the sex as consensual, charged them with public lewdness, and sent the two to the same disciplinary school for 45 days.

Rachel told NBC that the disciplinary school mad her feel “like a prisoner.”

2. Rachel Reportedly Said ‘I’m Not Saying I Did Not Want to Do It’


While NBC found evidence “[showing] lacerations to the hymen and bleeding “consistent with information given per victim,” Rachel is also quoted as saying, “I’m not saying I did not want to do it.”

Unfortunately, the context of this statement has been lost. Michael Jimerson, the specialist who interviewed Rachel, concluded that the language Rachel had used “implied consensual sex instead of forcible rape,” however, he did not record the context of the statements made before and after Rachel said “I’m not saying I did not want to do it,” a statement that on the surface implies that the sex was her choice.

Jimerson concluded that the case would not hold water in court. Based on the security camera footage showing Rachel willingly meeting the boy, the ambiguity of the physical evidence (could have been rape or consensual), and Rachel’s aforementioned statement, Jimerson said, “Her claims could not be substantiated. At the end of the day, I just know that objectively, there was almost no chance of a conviction. As a prosecutor, I have to be vigilant about the cases I pursue.”

3. Rachel is a Practicing Mormon and Did Not Know What a Blow Job Was

Rachel was raised in the LDS church. She says she was taught to be “modest and polite.” Prior to the incident, she had had little experience with relationships. She had one boyfriend, and during her junior year, a boy in band had suggested she give him a “blow job.” Rachel did not know what this meant and asked her mother.

Rachel seems to be a devout Mormon. She posted these images to her Facebook:



4. Rachel Bradshaw-Bean Suffered Depression From the Incident and Subsequent Fallout

She said her “personality changed.” As is common with rape victims, Rachel blamed herself for the incident and consequences.

She stayed at home and after some time, she enrolled in Kilgore College, but she left soon after.

Rachel was uplifted, however, by the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights conclusion that school was incorrect in its action. The staff was to be re-trained, Bradshaw-Bean’s record was to be cleaned up, and the school was ordered to pay for a few counseling sessions.

Rachel said she “hopes her case will spur schools to know the rules and respond appropriately to reports of sexual violence.”

5. Rachel Is Now Happily Married and Pursuing a Degree in Psychology

Rachel with her husband, Robert Bean. They were married December 27, 2012. Image Credit: Facebook.

Rachel with her husband, Robert Bean. They were married December 27, 2012. (Facebook)

Rachel and her husband’s first anniversary is two days after Christmas.


Rachel is studying psychology at Lone Star College in Tumball, Texas. The Daily Mail reports she is studying criminal justice and criminal psychology.

She is also a peer advisor, as seen on her Facebook profile.

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