6 File Federal Suit Vs. Chris Christie for Making Them Late to Work

bridgegate lawsuit

Six people who were made late for work by traffic jams tied to the Bridgegate scandal have filed a federal lawsuit against New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

The suit also names Christie’s now-fired senior aide, Bridget Anne Kelly; the Port Authority; and two former Port Authority bigwigs caught up in the scandal, Bill Baroni and David Wildstein, who today was found in contempt for refusing to testify before a state Assembly committee.

The plaintiffs include four residents of Fort Lee — the New Jersey town plagued by traffic jams in an alleged act of political retribution against the mayor for failing to support Christie’s re-election bid — and one resident each from Leonia and Edgewater, all in Bergen County.

Zachary Galicki, Joy Galicki, Eli Galicki and Robert Arnold are daily commuters to Manhattan who, according to the suit, were “deprived of life, liberty and property” when they were made late to work by snarled traffic.

Kim Joscelyn and Elizabeth Psaltos, who both work in Fort Lee, claim they lost wages due to docked pay. Joscelyn and Psaltos, according to the suit, are hourly employees of the Law Offices of Rosemarie Arnold — the same lawyer filing the suit.

To recap: Arnold is suing on behalf of plaintiffs whose wages were docked — by Arnold.

fort lee residents sue chris christie

The plaintiffs are seeking to have the suit certified as a class action.

Read the full document below, via The Hill:

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