Heartbreaking Photos of Chad Oulson, the Dad ‘Shot Dead for Texting at a Movie’


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Faustus Spector

What is the need of texting a 3 year old? Why couldn’t either of these grown ass men act like adults? Was the deceased making a big fuss while texting (I text silently). What has humanity devolved into? Two adult men arguing in a public place over nothing. Perhaps if Mr. Oulson had respected his elders just a bit, this would have been avoided. Mr. Reeves should know by now that all public places are filled with folks so addicted to texting that they cannot sit thru a movie without pulling their device out. What a world. What happened to simply being considerate to others?


While it is a sad even that occurred to Chad Oulson, being a grown navy man, who is used to following orders and has common sense. He should have gotten up and walked outside the theater to text whomever he was texting. He was obviously reminded by the retired cop that shot him to not text. That was the first prompt, and rather than saying , ” oh sorry”, and getting up to text, he was rude to his elder. When the retired man left the theater and came back, again, instead of just remaining quiet with his wife and enjoying the movie, once again this stand up guy makes negative comments to the older man. Third, why would a grown ass man continue to exchange words with an older retired individual inside a theater where his wife is right next to him, want to throw popcorn. This makes no sense… Chad blew a fuse , messed up and now he is dead. In this world we live in, with crazy guys shooting up theaters for no reason, on needs to be more careful, more respectful and more aware of what they do or say in certain places. The movie theater plainly makes note of no cell phone use. A kid knows this, everyone knows this, why did not chad heed this warning. It is sad he is gone and the retired cop having to have used his gun, but when one looks at the younger aggressive person going after a much older senior citizen, the young guy is always stronger and faster and it may have been a case of the older man being afraid of personal injury and or for his life. I say this because I was just at a theater this week and two chairs down, this black lady pulls out her phone and begins a conversation while the movie was going on. I turned and said, ” excuse me ma’m, but can you take that conversation outside the theater.” that is all I said, but her husband then got in my face , telling me to mind my own business. I told him I was trying to watch the movie and it was my business as I paid to watch the movie. Things got heated, and I had to pull out my badge and inform him that I was a law enforcement officer. I wanted to educate him that if we had more than words, he could be charged with a felony. He quieted down and she got off the phone. if he would have charged at me without giving me notice, as he was a very large man, I am not entirely sure I would not have used my weapons to protect myself. I am glad I was able to use my words, but some people in this world do not have common sense and do not listen or respect others. That is when things go wrong and someone always gets hurt.

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