Police Ruptured Darrin Manning’s Testicle During Stop & Frisk: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Darrin Manning 16, Gets SEXUALLY ASSAULTED By POLICEA 16-year-old Philadelphia charter school student is recovering from serious injuries caused by police. Darrin Manning suffered serious injuries to his genitals during the stop-and-frisk, which led to the teen being sent to the hospital. We want to warn you some of the details of this story are graphic.2014-01-19T10:48:17.000Z

On January 7, law enforcement’s controversial stop and frisk tactic made headlines again, this time in Philadelphia. Darrin Manning, a 16-year-old high school student, was walking to a basketball game at his high school when he and his teammates were stopped by Philadelphia police officers and frisked. The officer was so rough that he allegedly ruptured one of Manning’s testicles.

Here is what you need to know about this alleged display of excess force:

1. He May Have Been Stopped for Wearing a Scarf



It is still unclear as to why Manning and his friends were stopped by the police. Philadelphia has many more restrictions on its stop and frisk program after a 2011 law suit that made it essential for police to have probable cause to back up the stopping.

Manning’s Principle speculated that the stop could have been that the boys were wearing scarves over their faces in an effort to combat the freezing cold that has swept the Northeast over the last few weeks.

Others, like the Facebook event for a rally in support of Manning, allege that because the officer was female, there are grounds to believe it was a sexual assault.

2. He Needed Surgery & May Never Have Children

After the incident, during which Manning said that he felt something go “pop,” he was taken to a children’s hospital where he received emergency surgery.

Manning’s mother voiced her concern that he might not be able to have children after this event, and a local CBS affiliate speculated that the trauma and surgery may cause infertility.

3. He is Still Being Charged



Despite the allegations brought against the police officer, Manning is due in court on March 7 to answer for his “misdemeanor crimes.” The arresting officers maintain that Manning is guilty of reckless endangerment of another person, simple assault, and resisting arrest.

4. There is an Investigation of the Incident

Charles Ramsey. (Getty)

Charles Ramsey. (Getty)

The Philadelphia chief of police Charles Ramsey told radio station KYW that he welcomes a federal investigation of the event because they too would like the truth as to what happened on January 7.

However, according to CBS Philly, what is hindering the department’s own internal investigation of the events is Manning’s lawyer’s refusal to allow him to speak to any police before his upcoming court appearance.

5. He was a Straight A Student With no Criminal Record

Justice for Darrin Manning Rally | Part 14January 23, 2014 – About 30 people gathered today at the intersection of Broad & Girard streets in Philadelphia, PA to demand justice for Darrin Manning. Darrin is a 16-year-old straight-A student at a charter school. On his way to practice for his championship basketball team, Darrin was stopped by employees of the Philadelphia Police…2014-01-23T23:42:56.000Z

Manning is reportedly a straight A student and has no criminal record. You can see scenes from a rally his defense above.

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