Jayru Campbell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jayru Campbell is one of the top high school quarterback prospects in the country. He’s verbally committed to join the Michigan State Spartans 2015 recruiting class. But Campbell’s journey towards college football stardom has fallen into jeopardy today, after he was arrested for assaulting a security officer at his high-school. Here’s what you need to know about this football wunderkind and the trouble he’s in:

1. His Assault Was Caught on Tape

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News of Jayru Campbell’s altercation with a school security officer began buzzing through social media Wednesday evening. By that night, video of Campbell body-slamming the officer surfaced on Instagram and then Youtube .

Michigan Live is reporting that the security guard visited a local clinic to treat his injuries, but was able to return home. Head Coach of Cass Tech’s football team Thomas Welcher confirmed with local news station WXYZ that Campbell did “get in trouble at school.”

You can watch the footage of Campbell’s “body-slam” above.

2. He Led His High-School to a Division 1 State Championship…As a Freshman

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Campbell led Cass Tech to Division 1 State Championships in both his freshman and sophomore years. You can a compilation of high-lights from Campbell’s sophomore year below:

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3. He Grew Up Without a Father

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ESPN ran a profile of Campbell in November of last year, with the subtitle “Jayru Campbell embodies the challenges and hopes of Detroit.” The piece details the challenges Campbell faced growing up in a high-crime neighborhood, his father lost to prison. In the profile, Campbell talks about how even after his father got out of prison, his football coaches remained the central paternal figures in his life:

“When my dad got out it was never really what I wanted it to be. The coaches really stepped in and became that part of my life that could tell me no you can’t do that, or what I should be doing. There has been plenty of times where I call Coach Crowell during the day and we talk for an hour. They both help me by treating me like their own kid…There have been times where I go over to Coach Wilcher’s house just to watch TV. I help him out with yard work just to get away from my house. As far as a father figure, I don’t really have one to look up to or go home to. If I don’t feel comfortable, I can just go to Coach Wilcher’s house, the door is always open”

Football is described as an escape for Campbell, both figuratively and literally:

He boasts that he hasn’t missed more than three days of football practice since he was 7 years old. Going to practice meant he didn’t have to be at home. He knew he was safe.

4. This Isn’t The First Time Campbell’s Been In Trouble For Assault

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After winning championships in his frehsman and sophomore year, Campbell did not react well when Cass Tech was blown out 28-0 in last year’s state semi-finals by Novi Detroit Catholic Central. In the post-game handshake line Campbell sucker punched an opposing player, earning him a suspension from the first game of the 2014 season, even before yesterday’s altercation.

5. Michigan State Hasn’t Commented on the Arrest

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And they can’t. The NCAA prohibits institutions from commenting on specific prospects until they have signed a national letter of intent. Campbell is only verbally committed to the Spartans.

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