Man With ‘Bomb’ Says He’s Going to Meet Obama at Tennessee Airport

Police in Millington, Tennessee have arrested a man after he broke through a security gate at Millington airport amid worries that the man was in possession of a bomb, reports WMCTV.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Man Says He Has Some Connection to Obama

The man is claiming to have been sent by President Barack Obama. Fox Memphis says that the man told cops he was waiting for a plane that was being sent the President.

2. Security Dogs Got a ‘Hit’ on the Man

Sniffer dogs got a “hit” when sniffing for explosives in the man’s briefcase, reports My Fox Memphis.

3. No Bomb Was Found

After investigating if there was legitimate threat, Millington police confirmed that the man was clean, reports local newspaper The Commercial Appeal.

4. The President is Over 700 Miles Away Today

President Barack Obama is in North Carolina today, according to the White House.

5. Millington Airport is Connected to the Military

Millington Airport is a regional airport that formerly served as a Naval support base, the base is still used by the military from time-to-time. Navy police are on scene investigating the potential threat.