New Bridgegate Documents Released: Read Them Here

bridgegate document dump

New Jersey lawmakers today released a trove of new documents in the so-called Bridgegate scandal.

The new documents, acquired by subpoena, will be the second release of the email and text message communications surrounding the scandal. The first part of those documents, revealed earlier this week, showed that Governor Chris Christie’s former deputy chief-of-staff Bridget Anne Kelly conspired with former Port Authority Exec David Wildstein to close lanes of the George Washington Bridge in order to get political retribution by causing severe traffic jams. The target of this retribution was allegedly the Democratic mayor of northern New Jersey town Fort Lee, Mark Sokolich.

The documents released today contain correspondences between Governor Christie’s administration and the Port Authority, as well as communication within the administration, from August to December 2013.

We’re publishing them below, as soon as we get them downloaded and uploaded. The government website hosting the documents is experiencing a bottleneck.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to find them yourself.

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