Pornhub Q&A: World’s Largest Smut Site Does ‘Ask Me Anything’ on Reddit [NSFW]

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Pornhub, the world’s largest free porn site, did an ‘ask me anything’ on Reddit today. Run by four members of their team, the open forum question-and-answer session provided a fascinating insight into the Internet porn industry.
Scroll down to find out what it’s like to run the world’s largest porn site, what their parents think about their jobs, and what sort of smut still shocks them even after seeing it all day, everyday at work.

Q: What do the Pornhub headquarters look like?

pornhub, reddit, ama
A: Pretty standard office. The only difference is the hardcore [porn] scenes sometimes playing on people screens.

Q: What do your parents feel about your jobs?

pornhub, reddit, ama
A: I ask my parents for suggestions to improve the UI [user-interface] of the site all the time.

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Q: How long does the average Pornhub site visit last?

pornhub, reddit, ama
A: About 8-minutes.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on your site

A: SpongeKnob Square Nuts.
pornhub, reddit, ama

Q: How often do people really share on social media?

pornhub, reddit, ama
A: Thousands a day… We get millions of social traffic visits a month.

For more Pornhub Q&A, you can read the entire forum here. Just be warned, it’s definitely NSFW.

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