1 Person Shot on Campus at Eastern Florida State: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Shots were fired on campus at Eastern Florida State in Palm Bay just before 2 a.m. Reports indicate that one person has been shot and that a suspect was also injured.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Victim is in Critical Condition

One person was rushed to hospital in critical condition following the shooting.

2. The School is Locked Down

The school is on lockdown. Students are advised to stay indoors, keep away from windows and to remain alert. This was not an active shooter situation.

3. The Shooting Began as a Fight

One report indicates that the shooting began with a fight, a person, who was beat up, went back to their car, retrieved a gun and opened fire, according to WESH.

4. The Suspect Has Also Been Rushed to Hospital

The suspect was also hospitalized due to injuries he received prior to the shooting, reports WFTV. Palm Bay Police Chief Muldoon has said that the suspect was originally attacked with a pool cue.

5. The School Was Formerly Known as Brevard Community College

The school is located 50 miles southeast of Orlando along the Atlantic coast.

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