Sandra D’Auriol Leaps to Death in Beverly Hills: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sandra D’Auriol had checked into the Camden Medical Arts center in Beverly Hills on January 25 for a facelift operation. The following morning, after the procedure, she awoke disorientated and agitated, eventually she made her way to the roof of the building where she committed suicide by jumping, reports The Independent.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She’d Just Been Operated Upon by the One of Hollywood’s Most Famous Doctors

Her surgery was performed by Dr. Brian Novack, one of the most expensive surgeons in the world. According to reports, Novack is the favored doctor among of Hollywood’s elite. It’s alleged that D’Auriol reacted badly to the anesthetic that was prescribed for her during the operation. After wandering up to the roof of the 15-story building, she stripped naked, and walked around the top of the building for several hours before jumping and taking her own life.

2. She Was Devoted to Charity

Sandra DAuriol Suicide


D’Auriol was truly a jet-setting socialite, jewelry designer and charity campaigner. She was originally born in India but spent much of her life in Hong Kong where more recently she worked for the charity, Child Welfare Scheme, reports The South China Morning Post.

3. She Was Known by the British Royal Family

Sandra DAuriol Yan DAuriol LOreal Executive Dr. Brian Novack Patient Suicide Naked Jump Beverly Hills


Her jewelry designing won her many fans, including the British Royal family, reports The Daily Mirror, who were known to favor her work with Asprey.

4. Her Husband is a Former L’Oreal Bigwig

She is the wife of Yan D’Auriol, a former high-ranking L’Oreal executive. She was also the mother of two children. Yan D’Auriol runs a new cosmetics venture out of Hong Kong.

5. Her Death is Under Investigation

Dr. Brian Novack Sanra DAuriol

Dr. Brian Novack (Getty)

Her death is now under investigation by the Beverly Hills police, according to CBS Los Angeles. It’s not known if Dr. Brian Novack has been questioned in relation to her death.

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