Westboro Baptist Church on Justin Bieber: Deport the ‘Androgynous Little Slut’

The Westboro Baptist Church has joined in one of the fiercest debates ongoing in the U.S. today. Should accused singer Justin Bieber, 19, be deported for his crimes against Miami streets? The monstrous church, taking time out from their picketing-funerals schedule, is demanding Bieber be removed from America.

Then the monstrous church also compared the Biebs to Miley Cyrus:

Seeing as tweeting is soooo-2013 for Westboro, they now put a lot of effort into some hideous Vines:

The “church,” which has made its name in protesting the funerals of victims of tragedies — somehow relating the deaths to acceptance of homosexuality in society — has proven time and again that no tragedy is safe from the group’s vile opinions.


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Funny, how they want Justin deported, when it is WBC who should be deported…


LOL, funny how they are saying Justin looks like a girl. when their members are mainly fat and the male members all look like pedophiles… Brainless, racist, homophobic scum, they need to find something REAL to do and not spread bullshit.

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