Super Bowl 2014 Date: What Day Is the Game?



Sunday night, February 2, at 6:25 p.m. Eastern, the Denver Broncos and the NFL’s best offense will take on the Seattle Seahawks and their league best defense, in the first-ever cold weather Super Bowl.

While in later years, the NFL has added games on Monday and Thursday nights, professional football has traditionally been a Sunday institution. Many have wondered why this is the case.

The simplest answer is that before it was professional sport, football was a college game. In order to respect the academic work week and the Christian sabbath, colleges played their games on Saturdays. Which left professional football with the second day of the weekend, where it has provided Good Christians a family friendly after church activity, and good heathens an excuse to get drunk shortly after noon, for over 5 decades.

The game will be broadcast on Fox. For full broadcast details see the link below.

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