How & Where to Buy Tickets for the Super Bowl



When the Broncos and Seahawks take to the frozen tundra of North Jersey Sunday night, don’t end up stuck on a comfy leather couch, surrounded by friends and snacks, watching all the action in the stunning high-definition of a big screen television!

You can still buy yourself a nice cold seat at the big game over at Stub Hub. Tickets are currently starting at $1,679.00, or roughly the price of 335 orders of half-time wings.

You can also look for a deal on Craig’s List here, though some of the entries looks a little sketchy.

Or you can just ask Anthony: is reporting that, contrary to prior years, ticket prices have yet to drop significantly as game day approaches. However, according to USA Today, the overall markup on this year’s Super Bowl tickets are down from last year. Lance Patania, CEO of Prominent Tickets in Glen Rock, N.J., told the paper:

“A lot of our clients are simply saying they don’t want to go. They don’t want to sit upstairs for $1,200, even if they were given to them at face value, they don’t want to pay $800. That just sends shivers up my spine. That just shows there’s not a lot of local people looking to go. … Everybody said it’s Wall Street, it’s New York City, it’s North Jersey, a lot of people, a lot of money, they’re going to drive the market. It’s been doing anything but that.”

According to Pantania, it’s not just the weather that’s turning fans away:

“If this game was in San Diego or Miami, it would still not be a good ticket because the teams are not sexy. … You don’t have these huge fan bases that you would have if Washington or Dallas or New York or someone else was in it.”

Which is good news for all the Seattle/Denver transplants of the tri-state area. And though temperatures in New York are stuck in the teens right now, it will be a balmy 35 degrees at kickoff.

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