Grammy Winner Ian Cuttler Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ian Cuttler Dead Dies Death


LAPD have named Ian Cuttler, 43, as the man killed in a car accident that involved actress Salma Hayek’s brother, Sami, who was driving, in Bel Air on February 23. He was Grammy award winner whose artwork was used by singers like Beyonce, reports E Online.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. Salma Hayek’s Brother Has Not Been Charged With Dangerous Driving

Salma Hayek's brother Sami Hayek

Salma Hayek pictured with her brother, Sami, in October 2013. (Getty)

On February 23, Sala was riding with Sami Hayek through the swanky neighborhood of Bel-Air in Los Angeles. It’s reported that Sami lost control of his Ford GT on Sunset Boulevard, reports The Los Angeles Times. The car drifted into the opposite lane and plowed into in a Toyota Tacoma truck. Sami was lucky to escape the scene with a few broken ribs. The Los Angeles emergency responders pronounced Cuttler dead at the scene. The drive of the truck received minor injuries.

Sami Hayek was not arrested in relation to the crash but may face future charges.

2. He Won a Grammy For His Work With Johnny Cash

Cuttler was known for his art direction and photography work with recording artists. In total, he earned five Grammy nominations for his work, winning once, according to his website. His victory came for his art direction on Johnny Cash: The Legend. In 1996, he began his foray into the music business working for Sony Music nine years. After leaving the music giant, Cuttler made a career in commercial photography.

3. Beyonce Said Cuttler Will be ‘Greatly Missed’

Beyonce took to Facebook to pay tribute to Cuttler. He worked with her on Destiny Fulfilled and Dangerously in Love.

4. His Family Are From Mexico

According to The Daily News, Cuttler lived in New York City. His family lived in Mexico and flew to Los Angeles after hearing of the accident.

5. Cuttler Never Told His Roommate That He Won a Grammy

Ian Cuttler Roommate Tashina Finkton

Cuttler’s roommate, aspiring model, Tashina Finkton, only noticed the award after moving in. (Facebook)

He lived in a modest apartment in Manhattan. Just recently, he met a new room mate on Craigslist, a model named Tashina Finkton. She said that Cuttler was “really down to earth.” When she moved in, she said:

I was like, ‘Oh damn, he’s got a Grammy.’ He was just really good at his photography. He went out and shot in California and the next thing you know… He was really genuine, a very sweet person … It’s so sad.

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