Jeff Orr, Texas Tech ‘Super Fan’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeff Orr, Marcus Smart, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Basketball, Sports, College

Jeff Orr is the man who was shoved by Marcus Smart during Saturday night’s game between Texas Tech and Oklahoma State at United Spirit Arena in Lubbock, Texas.

Here’s what you need to know about Mr. Orr and the shoving incident involving Smart.

1. Orr Appears to Call Smart a ‘Piece of Crap’ Before Being Shoved

Orr apologized for calling Smart a “piece of crap,” but insisted he did not direct a racial slur toward Smart.

2. Orr is an Apparent Red Raiders ‘Super Fan’ With a Heckling History

Orr is what many would classify as a “super fan.”

According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, he “lives in Waco and travels to most Tech home games and several road contests.”

According to Larry Brown Sports, Orr is a 1983 graduate of the school who also has a history of heckling.

Utah Jazz guard John Lucas III, a former player for both Baylor and Oklahoma State (both Big 12 rivals of Texas Tech), tweeted that he recognized Orr’s face upon hearing the news.

3. Smart Was Suspended 3 Games for the Incident

Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State’s superstar guard, was suspended three games for his role in the incident, ESPN reported.

The video above presents another angle of the shoving.

4. Orr Will Not Attend Any More Texas Tech Games This Season

According to a statement released by Texas Tech, Orr has voluntarily agreed to not attend any more Texas Tech home games for the rest of the season.

Orr issued this statement, per the Texas Tech athletics website.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies to Marcus Smart, Oklahoma State, Tubby Smith and the Texas Tech Men’s Basketball program. My actions last night were inappropriate and do not reflect myself or Texas Tech – a university I love dearly. I regret calling Mr. Smart a “piece of crap” but I want to make it known that I did not use a racial slur of any kind. Additionally, I would like to offer my apologies to Texas Tech fans that have been embarrassed by the attention this incident has created.”

5. Many are Blaming Orr as Much as Smart

Jeff Orr, Marcus Smart, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Basketball, Sports, College

Although Smart was the one who acted out with violence, Orr is taking just as much blame for provoking him.

ESPN’s Jean-Jacques Taylor wrote the following in a Monday column regarding the incident:

Who cares if the Waco, Texas, air traffic controller travels all over the country watching Tech play? Who cares if he’s one of the team’s biggest supporters?”

“Orr deserves a longer suspension because he’s a middle-aged man berating a 19-year-old college basketball player like he’s a professional earning seven digits.”

Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News also places equal culpability on Orr.

Lupica wrote the following in a Sunday column:

But the best part of this story is the apology issued by this “super fan” Jeff Orr, who allowed that maybe he shouldn’t have called Smart a “piece of crap.” Orr, of course, is suddenly famous for being another sports fan acting like a jerk, a 50-year-old calling a 19-year-old kid playing college basketball what he called him, and thinking that was somehow all right, all part of being a super fan like himself.”

Watch the clip below to get Jay Bilas’ take on the situation.

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