Kevin Grow, Special Needs Sharp Shooter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Kevin Grow has been the team manager for Bensalem High School basketball team for four years. In the final minutes of Bensalem’s final home game of the season, a dream came true for Grow, who has Down Syndrome.

Here’s what you need to know about Grow and his incredible story.

1. He’s a Senior Who Has Down Syndrome

Grow is an 18-year-old senior at Bensalem High. He spent four years as the team manager for the school basketball team. He got some game action on Saturday when Bensalem head coach John Mullin chose to insert him into the game in the final minutes.

2. He Scored a Game-High 14 Points

Grow drilled four three-pointers and a layup to finish with a game-high 14 points as Bensalem defeated Neshaminy 64-40. According to, he got his first playing time ever the previous night, scoring three points on a foul shot and fast break layup.

Word quickly spread of Grow’s performance, and by Saturday night, the gym was packed to see him play.

Here’s another look at Grow sinking his four triples.

3. The Crowd Went Nuts

As you might expect, the home crowd went nuts for Grow. Coach Mullin said of Grow, per

It’s tough to describe. It really is. It’s one of those things that doesn’t happen often. He’s a gift from God — he really is.”

4. The Team Ends Practice When He Hits a Free Throw

According to, the Owls basketball team wouldn’t end practice until Grow sank a free throw. This routine certainly paid off for Grow, who knew exactly what to do with the basketball when it was in his hands.

5. His Story Parallels Jason ‘J-Mac’ McElwain’s

Kevin Grow, Jason McElwain, Bensalem High School, Basketball, Down Syndrome, Special Needs, Sports


Grow’s story is eerily similar to that of Jason “J-Mac” McElwain, who became a national sensation in 2006 after sinking six threes and one two-point shot for Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York.

McElwain, who has autism, was also the team manager for his high school basketball team. In fact, Grow’s scoring barrage occurred almost eight years to the day after McElwain’s.

Relive that incredible story below.

McElwain ultimately won an ESPY for Best Sports Moment in 2006, beating out Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game among others.

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