Dr. Milton Wolf, Obama’s Conservative Cousin: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dr. Milton Wolf is U.S. President Barack Obama’s second-cousin and that appears to be where the similarities end. Dr. Wolf is a practicing radiologist who lives in Topeka, Kansas and is running the senate as a Tea Party candidate, according to his own website.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. Wolf Put X-Ray Pictures of Gunshot Wounds on Facebook

He’s on a media offensive in Kansas where Wolf is defending some Facebook posts he made in 2010. Four years ago he posted pictures of x-rays from gunshot victims and asked “What kind of gun can blow someone’s head off completely? I gotta get one of those.” During an interview with The Topeka Capitol Journal, Wolf says that his actions were “educational” and a part of the “burden that you carry when you’re a doctor.” The newspaper also contacted the hospital that Wolf said gave him permission to use the x-rays, the medical center told The Topeka Capitol Journal:

Truman Medical Centers in Kansas City, Mo., where Wolf said he obtained the decapitation X-ray, said in response to an inquiry Friday it wouldn’t have granted Wolf permission to use images of a shooting victim in this manner. Officials at Shawnee Mission Medical Center, linked to X-rays on the Internet depicting a person embedded with shotgun pellets and marked as property of TheWolfFile.com, responded to inquiries Friday by revealing Wolf had pledged to request removal of the X-rays from a California political website.

When the controversy first emerged back in 2010, Wolf was criticized by even fellow Republicans, including Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS). On February 23 2014, Wolf issued an “apology,” where he attacked Roberts and his famous cousin who lives in D.C.:

I have declared that I am willing to stand up for my country, Senator Pat Roberts wants to attack me as a doctor rather than giving Kansans a reason to vote for him. It’s sad. Pat Roberts has not been able to identify a single issue on which he thinks I am wrong and so he’s doing things the Washington way: character assassination. Kansans should know that I will not be intimidated by their bullying. I did not back down when Barack Obama’s IRS audited me and I will not back down from the desperate attacks of a 47-year Washington insider either.

2. Wolf’s Mother & Obama’s Mother Were Close

Wolf is related to U.S. President Barack Obama through a shared great-great-grandfather, Thomas Creekmore McCurry. Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, was a first cousin of Wolf’s mother. In addition, Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, grew up in Wichita, Kansas, where she was close with Wolf’s mother.

3. Wolf is a Radiologist

He’s Kansas through-and-through, having been born in Lyons, a farming town, in 1970. Wolf is a graduate of the University of Kansas’ medical school. Having spent time working in a variety of hospitals across Kansas City and Missouri, he now works in radiology in Kansas City.

4. He’s ‘Very Conservative’

According to his campaign website, Wolf is a “doctor, not a politician.” His political positions largely center around his anti-Obamacare stance. His alternative is a patient centered, free market healthcare system. When Wolf’s opponent in the Kansas Republican senate primary, incumbent, Senator Pat Roberts, endorsed a democrat, Kathleen Sebelius, to be Secretary of Health, Wolf sent out an open email appearing to announce his candidacy. He wrote: “If you’ve ever asked yourself what you can do and you’re ready to fight for America … email me. It’s time for the patriots to save America from our failed political class.”

5. He’s Been Married For 23 Years

Wolf is married to Karrie Wolf, a native of Overland Park, Kansas, and a Kansas State University graduate. On her Facebook page, she lists her job as “CEO and President, The Wolf House.” The couple have been married for 23 years and have two children together.

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