Opening Ceremony Snowflake Fail Spotlights Sochi’s Woes

Sochi Olympics Snowflake Fail



The old saying, “a picture says a thousand words,” springs to mind. With the Internet alive with stories of “fails” going on around Sochi in the build-up to the winter games, the opening ceremony had a major snafu. In a beautiful display where snowflakes became Olympic rings, one snowflake decided to stay unique and didn’t sync up with the rings.


Is it possible that the failure was a purposeful political slight? The ring that remained unopened is traditionally the red-colored ring on the Olympic symbol. The red ring represents North and South America, a region of the world Russia has had diplomatic problems with in recent months.

And Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly took keen interesting in the ceremony and personally attended rehearsals.

Putin at the opening ceremony. (Getty)

Putin at the opening ceremony. (Getty)

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