WATCH: Ray Rice Drags Passed-Out Fiancee From Casino Elevator

Shocking new video has emerged ,via TMZ, of Ravens RB Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of a casino elevator.

On February 15, Rice and his fiancee, Janay Palmer, were arrested in an Atlantic City nightclub/casino, each charged with assault.

Both were released shortly after and the incident was played down by Rice’s employers, the Baltimore Ravens. This video, though, sheds new light on what occurred the night of the incident as Palmer seems to be really out of it.

A lawyer representing Rice told TMZ:

Neither Ray nor myself will try this case in the media. However, the video that’s being posted by TMZ Sports is not the complete event, but is merely the end result of what transpired.

We’ll assure the public that when this matter is fully tried and completed, you’ll have a better understanding of what happened and we ask the public to reserve making any judgment until all of the facts come out.

Read more about the incident and Ray Rice’s longtime fiancee, Janay Palmer, here:

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