Rowan Cheshire: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eighteen-year-old Olympic skier Rowan Chesire tweeted this picture today after getting into an accident during practice on Sunday.

Here’s all you need to know about the rising star who’s making her Olympic debut, but who’s now best known for this tweet.

1. She’s a Halfpipe Skier

Cheshire grew up in Stoke, England, and started skiing when she was 10. By the age of 11, she was already in freestyle camp.

Her coach, Pat Sharples, told the BBC the key to the teen’s success:

Rowan’s always managed to overcome her fear of trying new big tricks, something that a lot of girls in halfpipe are very scared to try. She’s always been able to dive in straight away and that’s something very special and a gift of hers.

2. She Suffered a Concussion During Practice

On Sunday, she was knocked unconscious for several minutes after falling on her face during training. The accident occurred at Rosa Khutor Extreme Park.

It is unknown at this point whether Chesire can compete further in the games.

According to the BBC, the Great Britain team made this statement:

Her progress will be monitored on a day to day basis as is standard with concussion and a determination regarding her ability to compete will be made later this week.

3. She’s the First British Woman to Win Halfpipe World Cup Gold

In the World Cup at Calgary in 2011, Cheshire got a score of 80.40 on her first run.

On January 22nd of this year, she tweeted the news that she would be participating in the Olympics.

4. She’s in College Studying Photography & Business

She told the BBC how balancing academics and sports proves difficult:

I’m still in college but I’m not doing as many classes as my peers and it’s difficult to do the work out here [training and competing abroad] because I don’t have all my folders and resources

She also told the British station that people are constantly asking her about her backup plan:

It was quite frustrating because people are asking about the back-up plan in case I don’t make it [to Sochi] but I said I’m going to do this and stay positive.

5. She Got Her First Tattoo 4 Months Ago

She’s very active on social media, which is apparent from her Instagram account. She also has a blog.

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