WATCH: 4 Cops Violently Arrest College Girl for Jaywalking

Yesterday, four cops in Austin, Texas, teamed up to arrest a petite pigtailed jogger whose only offense was jaywalking.

Photographer and University of Texas student Chris Quintero was on the scene with a camera and chronicled the events on his blog.

According to Quintero, the girl in question was jogging with her headphones on when she jaywalked across San Antonio street. When a police officer grabbed her arm from behind to ticket her, she became startled and quickly jerked her arm away from him. That was all the excuse the officer needed to grab the girl, who could not hear because she was wearing headphones, put her on the ground, and handcuff her.

(Chris Quintero/Flickr)

(Chris Quintero/Flickr)

In the video above, you can hear her screaming at the police officer asking what she did and yelling for help. After the police officer calls for backup, three additional officers come to load her into the police car.

austin girl arrested

(Chris Quinter/Flickr)

austin police arrest

(Chris Quintero/Flickr)

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