Brevard County Courthouse Gunman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brevard County Courthouse Lockdown

(Screenshot via WKMG)

A man with a gun attempted to enter the Brevard County Courthouse on Friday morning. When he was refused admittance, he drew his weapon, instigating a nearly two hour stand-off with a couple dozen Florida police, before he was killed by gunfire shortly after 1 p.m. Here’s what you need to know about the incident:

1. The Gunman Has Been Shot

Brevard County Courthouse Lockdown

(Screenshot via WKMG)

According to WESH 2 News the gunman has been shot:

Deputies on the ground had the gunman “contained,” for nearly two hours, with as many as 20 police officers are spread out around the courthouse grounds.

Just before 1 p.m. SWAT members, ducking behind an armored truck, slowly approached the gunman. A video from WESH of the gunman’s final moments, appears to show that he did not fire at police, but rather was shot while running away from the SWAT team.

The gunman’s bag is currently being inspected by a robot:

Brevard County Courthouse

2. Jury Selection for the Trial of an Alleged Cop Killer Was Taking Place Inside Court House

Brandon Bradley days away from death penalty trialProsecutors believe they can and will convict Brandon Bradley of the murder of Deputy Barbara Pill, and that a judge will order him executed.2014-02-20T23:29:52.000Z

According to Click Orlando, the courthouse has entered a lockdown. At the time of the lockdown, jury selection was taking place for the trial of Brandon Bradley, a man accused of killing Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill.

3. Local Schools Are on Lockdown

Google Street View of Viera High School

Google Street View of Viera High School

Viera High School and Viera Charter School, both in the vicinity of the courthouse, have also been placed on lockdown.

4. The Gunman Had Made Bomb Threats in the Past

According to My News 13, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey told the press the gunman had made bomb threats previously, though none rose to the level of a chargeable offense.

Ivey characterized the man as agitated, and noted that he has a bag with him, though its contents remain unclear.

Florida Today quotes Ivey as saying:

““We are working with some different tactics and variables to try and mitigate this. We got information earlier this morning he was possibly on his way to the courthouse. We’ve had some previous dealings with him and threats made against the courthouse, some of our judges.”

According to Florida Today’s account, when the man arrived at the courthouse, he was met by prepared deputies who refused him entry. He then drew his gun.

5. The Gunman’s Behavior Was Oddly Passive

Brevard Country Courthouse

(Screenshot via WKMG)

Witnesses told Florida Today that the gunman was yelling at the police for reasons that weren’t entirely clear. A livestream taken by a helicopter outside the courthouse showed the gunman merely pacing the grounds, occasionally sitting in the shade of a palm tree for stretches of time, before standing and pacing once more.

According to the Court Chatter Twitter account, the gunman was wearing a sweatshirt that reads “Justice for Trayvon Martin”:

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