Emperor Pshonka: Fleeing Ukrainian Attorney General Leaves Hilarious Find for Protesters

viktor pshonka, roman emperor

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Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, State Counselor of Justice of Ukraine and member of the High Council of Justice of Ukraine, Viktor Pshonka left behind an Easter egg for Ukrainian revolutionists as they plundered his country home Sunday, February 23.

Among the finds, as reported in a protester’s blog, were:

Ancient icons and paintings stolen Gospel, Holy Relics in the office, Faberge eggs around the house, a collection of knives, numerous awards, portraits Pshonka and Yanukovych, and much more.

But the find that has the social media world abuzz is the hilariously PhotoShopped picture of Pshonka as a Roman Emperor.
The original image, taken from the film Asterix at the Olympic Games, is seen below.

asterix at the olympic games, pshonka


The question on many people’s lips is, Why? For a man who seemed to have immeasurable wealth, he could easily have hired a painter to accomplish a much better quality portrait.
Regardless, it just goes to show that the Ukrainian revolutionists are right about something: their politicians were out of touch.
Pshonka has fled Ukraine for presumably Russia.

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