Ebony Wilkerson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ebony Wilkerson, 32, of Charleston, South Carolina, has been charged with three counts of attempted murder, reports NBC Charleston. On March 4, Wilkerson drove her three children into the ocean at Silver Beach Avenue in Daytona Beach Florida. All were saved by good samaritains who came to their rescue just as the black 2012 Honda Odyssey was becoming submerged.

The children, two girls ages 3, 10 and a boy aged 9, are all safe in police custody. When the children were brought to an area hospital, one of them told police, “Mom tried to kill us.” The 10-year-old said that her mother told her they were going to the beach “so we could die.”

Here’s what you need to know about her:

1. She Says She Was Hearing Demonic Voices

Dayton Beach Ebony Wilkerson

Wilkerson claims that she was hearing demonic voices prior to driving into the ocean. According to Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson, Wilkerson locked the car’s doors, told her children they were going to a “safer place” and also they were told to “close their eyes and go to sleep.”

Just hours before the incident, Wilkerson had been at her sister, Jessica Harrell’s, house in Daytona Beach. After Wilkerson left the home with her three children, Harrell called police to ask them to look out for her as she had been “talking about demons.”

2. Wilkerson is Pregnant

She is 27 weeks pregnant. The children’s father, Luful Ronjon, has been contacted by police about the horrible incident. Two hours before the almost tragic events at Daytona Beach, Wilkerson had been pulled over by cops but was found to be “lucid” and was allowed to go on her way, according to WISTV.

Officers stopped her at Morris Boulevard in Daytona, Florida, and detained her for 30 minutes at the side of the road. Florida’s Baker Act, did not come into affect in this case, according to Sheriff Ben Johnson.

3. Wilkerson Was Involved in Fatal Car Crash in 2007

She was involved in a fatal crash in Delray Beach, Florida in 2007, reports The Palm Beach Post. During that fatal crash, Wilkerson was travelling on Interstate 95 when she suddenly switched lanes, hitting the rear of Douglas Krane’s Nissan. He lost control of his car as a result as it careered across several lanes and slammed into a concrete wall. Krane’s wife, Jennifer, died a few days later in hospital due to injuries sustained in the accident.

Douglas Krane told The Palm Beach Post:

One of my friends actually saw what was going on with the lady and she gave me a call this morning. All of a sudden my heart broke. Any kind of thing that says her name automatically rings a bell. There’s not too many Ebony Wilkersons around.

4. She Accused Her Common-Law Husband of Attacking Her

The Daytona News-Journal reports that two police reports were filed by Wilkerson in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She claimed that her common-law husband had “attacked” her. The reports were filed on March 1 and were against her children’s father, Luful Ronjon, 31. He was not arrested.

Rather than take the police up on their offer of going to a domestic violence shelter, Wilkerson is alleged to have told cops she was going to stay with her sister in Florida. North Charleston police escorted her to the city limits.

The attack, according to Wilkerson, happened at a Hampton Inn at Myrtle Beach. The three children were present during the alleged assault.

5. She Has Been Mentally Evaluated

Sheriff Ben Johnson Ebony Wilkerson

Sheriff Ben Johnson. (Twitter)

Wilkerson is being held for psychiatric evaluation at this time. She was officially arrested on the morning of March 7 at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach. After her evaluation, she is likely to be booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail and held without bail. Sheriff Johnson said, “She’s on her way to jail at this time. The children are in state custody.”

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1 Comment


Wow she is all better already ok when she has another mental break or does not take meds don’t whine when she kills her family, she is NOT fit to have kids ever!!!

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