Gary Pfitzner Killed in Helicopter Crash: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

gary pfitzner


Tuesday morning at around 7:40 a.m. local time, a new helicopter working for KOMO in Seattle, Washington, crashed into a car and exploded. Two are dead and one of seriously injured as a result of the crash. One of those killed was the helicopter’s pilot, 59-year-old Gary Pfitzner of Issaquah, Washington.

Here is what you need to know:

1. The Helicopter Dropped Just After Takeoff

Video Seattle Space Needle Helicopter Crash

The helicopter was taking off when it suddenly dropped to the found around one block from Seattle’s beloved Space Needle. The helicopter collided with a car and exploded causing a massive flam as the fuel burned.

2. He Was A Contractor for KOMO & KIRO

According to Vertical Gateway, Pfitzner was a regular contracted helicopter pilot for KOMO ABC Seattle. However, Pfitzner was a well regarded news helicopter pilot and also served as an alternate pilot for nearby KIRO-TV’s news helicopter as well.

3. He Was Planning on Retiring Soon

After information about Pftizner’s demise was circulated on the news, friends took to Twitter to express their regards and share information about him. Some said that Pfitzner was getting ready to retire at the time of the crash.

4. Investigators Are Still Looking Into What Happened

Investigators are still looking into what could have cause the helicopter to fall from the sky, and while there are no credible theories as of yet, some believe the helicopter could have hit a construction crane.

5. Photographer Bill Strothman Also Died

Bill Strothman Dead


Bill Strothman, a notable 62-year-old news photographer and videographer, was also killed in the helicopter. Strothman has won multiple regional Emmy awards for his work.