8 Dead in Harlem Explosion: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. Two FBI Agents Were Sitting Outside When the Explosion Occurred

According to CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz, two FBI agents were parked outside of the building when the explosion and collapse occurred. The two agents sustained non-life threatening injuries, but their truck was severely damaged.

7. The Buildings Had Code Violations

harlem collapse


NBC New York reported that the building two collapsed buildings had code violations.

1644 Park Ave had no Department of Buildings violations, but had 2 violations from Department of Housing Preservation and Development over fireproofing and a self-closing door. 1646 Had one violation from the Buildings Department over cracks in the rear of the building and 60 violations from the Department of Housing and Preservation. These code violations included bad smoke detectors and no carbon monoxide detectors, rats, defective sinks, and a defective fire escape.

8. The NTSB Is On Their Way to Investigate



The National Transportation Safety Board announced today that they would send a go team to investigate the events in Harlem today. They released the following statement:

WASHINGTON–The National Transportation Safety Board has launched a go-team to investigate a gas explosion and subsequent fire in New York City.

Pipeline Investigator Ravi Chhatre is leading the team as investigator-in-charge. Board Member Robert L. Sumwalt is accompanying the team and will serve as the principal spokesman during the on-scene phase of the investigation.

Public Affairs Officer Eric Weiss will also be on-scene in New York to coordinate media-related activities. He can be reached at eric.weiss@ntsb.gov, or, in a press emergency, by mobile phone at 202-557-1350.

Follow us on twitter (@ntsb) for announcements related to the investigation.

9. Mayor De Blasio Confirmed the Explosion Happened Without Warning

In the first not-snow disaster of his administration, Mayor De Blasio took the podium in Harlem to address New Yorkers to give them the latest news about the explosion.

10. Many People Are Still Missing

Police say 10 people are still unaccounted for and it is unknown if they are in the rubble. Some witnesses report seeing people falling from windows. Watch a video from just after the explosion above.

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