Zach Adams: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Zachary Adams has been indicted with first degree murder and aggravated kidnapping in relation to the disappearance of Holly Bobo. It is being treated as a death penalty case by authorities.

Arrests had been expected in the missing persons case of Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student who has been missing since 2011 in Tennessee, reports The Jackson Sun. Zachary Adams of Decatur County in Tennessee denied involvement in the case despite the fact his property was being searched in relation to the disappearance since the beginning of March. On September 8, 2014, Holly Bobo’s remains were found near the small town of Holladay, Tennessee. She was discovered by two hunters who were looking for herb ginseng, according to JRN.

Here’s what you need to know about him:

1. He Knew Bobo’s Mother

Fox 17 reports that Holly Bobo’s mother was Zach Adams’ fourth grade teacher. Adams was arrested by police in Camden, Tennessee on February 28, charged with assaulting his friend, Amber Bray, reports News Channel 5. According to the station, Adams pointed a gun at her and threatened to “gut” her. His bond was set at $1 million dollars, according to the Jackson Sun, Adams was supposed to get a lawyer through his grandfather but hasn’t yet. When leaving the court after being arraigned on the assault the charge, Adams is said to have told a reporter, “Don’t take pictures of me, man. I’m not the f*ckin’ one.”

2. Adams Has a History of Drug Violations

His mother, Cindy Adams, told News Channel 5:

I probably haven’t slept more than eight hours since Friday. I’m very emotional and not just for Zachary but I have family in Decatur County, and they are having to go through this humiliation also.

She then admitted that her son had been arrested on drug charges. WBBJ – TV reports that he had been charged in the past few weeks for drug possession.

His brother, Dylan, is also being questioned about the Holly Bobo case. Dylan Adams has been in federal prison since July 2013. According to Cindy Adams, Dylan Adams has learning disabilities, she told Fox 17, “I asked him, ‘Did you get interrogated?’ He said, ‘Yeah Mom I did. They kept me up all night asking me all these questions about Zachary and Holly.”

Cindy Adams, who now lives in Atlanta, went on to say, “I am not saying that either one of them is innocent. I am just saying that as their mother, I am going to believe my children until proven otherwise.”

A woman who knew Zach Adams growing up, Danielle Darnell, told The Jackson Sun, “Drugs have been a big factor in his life. It’s changed him. He’s no longer the Zach that I grew up with.”

3. Holly Bobo Was Killed During the Kidnapping

Holly Bobo Zach Adams

Holly Bobo has not been seen since April 2011. (Facebook)

According to Holly Bobo’s brother, Clint, he last saw his sister on April 13 2011 being dragged into the woods by someone dressed in military fatigues near their home in Darden, Tennessee. He believed she was taken by her boyfriend. The investigation into Bobo’s disappearance ended in 2012 with no suspects or leads. Fox News reported back in 2011 that police authorities had told them that a small amount of blood was found in the family’s carport.

Police believe that Bobo was killed during the kidnapping. District Attorney General Hansel McCadams told the media: “We believe we can prove that she was taken forcefully from her home without her consent. Based on the evidence that we have before us, we also feel that she was killed in the perpetration of that kidnapping.”

4. Reports Indicated There Would Be More Than One Arrest

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation have not officially named any suspects in the case. Since February 28, however, detectives have been searching the area around Zach Adams’ home in Holladay, Tennessee. The home, on Adam’s Lane, is about 15 miles from where Holly Bobo was last seen, reports WATE.

According to Fox 17, Adams inherited the house on Adams Lane in Holladay from his father when he passed away.

The FBI announced at a press conference surrounding the indictments brought against Zach Adams, that the investigation was not over. Adams’ girlfriend, Trisha Evans, released a statement to Fox 17:

I want to take this opportunity to tell the Bobo family that my children and I are keeping them in our prayers. I have no information which could neither help or hinder in this investigation. Thank you.

5. He Was Involved in a Pearl Stealing Operation

Zach Adams Pearls

Some of the pearls that were allegedly stolen by Adams and his friends. (News Channel 5)

Zach Adams’ arrested stemmed from the seizure of stolen pearls from the Tennessee Shell Company in Camden, Tennessee. Police were questioning Toni Craig and Christopher Bray (brother of Amber Bray, the woman Adams is accused of assaulting), when Zach Adams came forward to give police more stolen pearls. It’s not exactly clear at this point how this led police to search Zach Adams property in relation to the Holly Bobo case, according to WSMV-TV, police were acting on “specific tips.”