Katie Francis, Record-Breaking Girl Scout: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Katie Francis is a dedicate Girl Scout who has broken the record of cookie selling for her troop this year. Read on for the details on Francis and her big accomplishment.

1. Francis Has Sold Over 18,000 Boxes

According to USA Today, Francis has broken a big record in cookie selling for the Girl Scouts of America. The Oklahoma native has sold an unthinkable amount of boxes.

Katie Francis, 12, laid claim to a new national cookie-selling record with 18,107 boxes on Sunday night.

2. Her Goal Is to Sell 100,000 Boxes

Apparently, Francis has set a personal record for herself of 20,000 boxes by the end of March 2014. In addition, her goal is to sell 100,000 boxes during her overall Girl Scout career, according to her mom DeLee Francis.

Katie and DeLee did some research to find that the previous national record was held by Elizabeth Brinton. Brinton sold about 18,000 in one year in the 1980s and 100,000 boxes over her career as a Girl Scout.

3. For Two Years Francis Held the State Record for Cookie Sales

Francis’ mother describes her as a go-getter who’s spent countless hours selling boxes for her Girl Scout troop. In 2012 and 2013, Francis beat the state record for cookie sales and now she’s taken her accomplishments to a national level.

Cookie selling is a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing it. I felt really happy that I could do anything because I accomplished such a huge goal.

4. Her Cookie-Selling Schedule Is Jam-Packed

When Francis is not in school, her main focus is selling cookies. USA Today lists her schedule as this:

Since the start of the cookie-selling season this winter, Katie’s schedule has included selling, selling and more selling — from when she gets out of school until about 9:30 p.m. on weeknights and 12-13 hours on weekends, she said.

That’s a lot of dedication, especially for a 12-year-old, and her efforts have apparently taught her skills in business and money management.

5. Thin Mints Are the Top Seller

Reportedly, Thin Mint cookies are the top-selling boxes as a large percentage of the orders. Samoas are second in choice. According to ABC News:

Jaimie Siegal, director of marketing and communications at Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma, said they want to wait until the selling period is over before commenting on Francis’ success.