Kyle Carpenter to Receive Medal of Honor: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Sources have told the Marine Corps Times that the next recipient of the Medal of Honor will be 24-year-old William Kyle Carpenter.

1. He Jumped on a Grenade to Save His Friend
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(Operation Kyle)

When Carpenter was 21, he and a comrade were on a rooftop in the Marjah distract of Afghanistan’s Helmand province when a grenade landed near them.

Although there were no witnesses, Carpenter allegedly jumped onto the grenade and, in doing so, saved with his and his buddy’s life, although both were severely injured.

2. Politicians Have Rallied For Him to Win

Rep. Joe Wilson Speech on Cpl. Kyle CarpenterCongressman Joe Wilson delivers a speech on the House Floor about the heroic actions of Cpl. Kyler Carpenter, a constituent of his and an intern with the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs.2013-02-14T21:25:44.000Z

Politicians, including Republican South Carolina representative Joe Wilson, have spoken on behalf of Carpenter and his heroism. You can hear one of his speeches on the floor of the House above.

3. He is Featured in a Film About Recovery After War

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Carpenter is one of three veterans profiled in the upcoming film Still in the Fight. The film also profiles Jay Redman and Spanky Gibson.

4. He Will Be the Third Award Winner From Iraq & Afghanistan

He joins two others, including Marine Dakota Meyer, as Marines who have been awarded the Medal of Honor since 2001.

5. He Was Injured in the Blast

Kyle Carpenter – Overcoming ObstaclesLCpl. Kyle Carpenter is a combat wounded warrior that has overcome more adversity in 22 years that most will overcome in a lifetime. A true American Hero, Kyle does a set of pull-ups at the Walter Reed Medical Center 15 months after sustaining life threatening injuries. Produced by 'Still in the Fight' film crew. stillinthefightfilm.com2012-03-02T01:43:35.000Z

According to the Marine Corps Times, in the blast, Carpenter lost his right eye and most of his teeth, as well as shattering his arm. He also has severe scarring on his face. His partner, Nicholas Eufrazio, had brain injury and regained his ability to speak in 2012.

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