Hollywood Hills Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hollywood Hills Shooting


Cops in Los Angeles are responding to calls that a cop has been shot in the Laurel Canyon area of the Hollywood Hills, reports NBC Los Angeles.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Attack Happened in Laurel Canyon

A massive police presence has been seen responding the area around Laurel Canyon. Cops responded to an address on the 8100 block of Gould Avenue in the neighborhood. According to My Fox LA, the LAPD have issued a citywide tactical alert, meaning all officers on duty must remain so until the alert is over. A reporter with The Los Angeles Times, Kate Mather, has confirmed that the suspect is holed up in the house in Laurel Canyon.

2. A Female Officer Was Shot

Hollywood Hills SWAT Team

SWAT Team staging outside the home on Gould Avenue. (NBC Los Angeles)

It is not known if a a suspect is in custody. Only one female officer has been shot in the attack. She was hit by bullet shrapnel in the arm and face. Her injury has been described as a “non-threatening” graze. Another person has been transported to hospital in relation to the incident.

3. It All Started Due to a Domestic Dispute

NBC Los Angeles reporter Mekahlo Medina, has tweeted that injured cop was responding to a domestic dispute call.

4. Don’t Go Near the Hollywood Hills Right Now

The roads all around Mullholland Drive in Laurel Canyon have been closed off due to the massive police presence as the siege unfolds.

5. Laurel Canyon Has Had a Violent History

John Holmes Laurel Canyon

Porn star John Holmes. (Wikipedia)

Laurel Canyon was the site of the infamous Wonderland murders involving porn star John Holmes in 1981.